Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"In the future ... Everywhere is a portal to anywhere else", Paul Nicholls


"In the future we will establish radical relationships with our surroundings. The Global becomes the Local.  Everywhere is a portal to anywhere else.  Leaving the notion of place, questioning its identity in a database of possible environments ..."

Any one remember Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone in Total Recall, 1990?  Will painting a room become obsolete? 

Paul Nicholls says "In the future ..." Seems like we are not too far from it.  The video below by stevecadwell shows just how close we are.  A similar display is in Miami International Airport, FL, USA.

Is it the new _______?

a) blackboard
b) flatscreen
c) wall finish
d) media wall
e) storefront
f) stimulation within a health care environment
g) church altar
h) conference room
i) etc.
j) all of the above

Is it new? Is it the future? Or, as seen in the Snibbe video below, is it already here?

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