Thursday, August 27, 2009

Live Forever - The Michael Jackson Monument Design Competition

This is my entry to Live Forever - The Michael Jackson Monument Design Competition. The competition is being hosted by Archinect and Bustler. Two great architecture/design websites. I love these competitions because they help me keep my design-chops limber. My description and photo source credits follow:

Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World”

A single reflective orb centered in a field of grass. The 30 foot sphere represents the world. Visitors at the field’s edge are beckoned to touch the reflective surface. Crossing the field is an act of coming together. Once the surface is touched, the world is healed. Upon seeing their own reflection, people realize that together they are healing themselves.

Gary, IN, USA on reclaimed industrial shoreline.

The location shall be an example of how we can heal the world, a fitting tribute to Michael.

photo sources:
Flickr users “Claudio.AR” and “fakebook” with user “Fish777-ka”.

Another inspiration came from Chicago's Millenium Park "Cloud Gate". But looking on YouTube, Michael Jackson's Superbowl 1993 Performance must have been somewhere in my psyche. As far as Jackson's legacy, I do hope all the controversy rusts away and the message of this song remains.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Art Institute of Chicago's Modern Wing

Chicago has a new glass house ...


I walked around a bit. My mood was delighted by the floating Grand Stair. It appeared weightless in complete contrast to the grounded Grand Stair in the classical original building.