Friday, March 16, 2012

Deal Reached in AIDS Memorial Dispute - Architectural Record

Winning Design:  The limitless and serene INFINITE FOREST by Studio a+i
Image by Guillaume Paturel/Courtesy Studio a+i
From a March 15, 2012 article in Architectural Record by C. J. Hughes:

"Studio a+i’s concept for an AIDS memorial in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village will be scaled down to less than one tenth of the size envisioned by supporters."

Link to the full article below:

A "deal" may have been reached but the final design sounds wide open.  Below is my proposal for the memorial.  The idea is a place of the park, part of it, and yet set apart.  Visitors to the memorial, the learning center and the park are given opportunities and places to create their own experiences and remembrances. 

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