Sunday, September 13, 2009

All I Want for Christmas is the Empire State Building

In the 9/2009 issue of Architectural Record it suggests, "Ask architects what their favorite toy was growing up, and LEGO will likely rank among their top picks." Well it was true for me. I clearly remember tinkering with LEGOs for endless hours on end in my family's Rogers Park home in Chicago. I was in kindergarten or 1st Grade or so. An immigrant Filipino boy learning the Pledge of Allegiance in Mrs. Sterling's class, learning how to chicken fight on an asphalt playground without cracking my head open and learning how to cross Pratt Blvd with the help of an angel in the form of a yellow raincoated crossing guard, again, without cracking my head open. It was around 1974.

Well, LEGO, sparked by a bright, brilliant and colorful idea by Illinois, USA architect Adam Reed Tucker, has added more models to its year-old architectural line. Now kids and kids in their 40's can build their own Empire State Building, Falling Water and the Chicago John Hancock for starters. Tucker, in the above photo from his website, is an artist in his own right. LEGO is his medium. And he uses it to "Imagine - Invent - Inspire". So much so, his work is displayed in an exhibit in the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago. Thanks LEGO and thanks Adam.

Oh ...

... Santa?

... in case you're listening ...

I have been a very good boy this year.