Friday, April 06, 2012

Nature as Precedent

A featured project from Architizer.  The main idea is that the building, or community really, mimics nature where the residential units are like leaves on a tree.  There is a framework support system of transportation and utilities (a tree trunk) that support the residential pods (the leaves) which are interchangeable. 
"World of Chlorophyll" by IAMZ Design Studio

"World of Chlorophyll" reminds me of Richard Roger's Lloyds of London building (1986) as seen in the video below ...

Love the use of the Pink Floyd song here.  But that's another subject altogether.  There is also his Pompidou Center in Paris (1977)  ...

"World of Chlorophyll" looks like the continued development of an idea where the systems of a building are laid bare.  When broken up, modern buildings are a collection of systems.  Modern buildings are no longer just shells like a tent or tee-pee is.  Our body is a collection of systems:  circulatory, nervous, digestive, muscular, etc.   It seems that as these systems are studied, developed and even glorified, the more we realize that nature is the blueprint. 

The internet shows how interconnected we can be.  Has it really shown how interconnected we have always been?  Are we as humans really all that set apart from each other, from the environment?  Are we all part of a system?  Should we work with the system?  Have we been dillusional in our thinking that we can control it?  Is the new mantra of "zero-impact" really all that new? 

What we make, our buildings for one, is an expression of ourselves.  It seems, increasingly we say we are "going back" to Nature.  Have we ever left?  Can we ever leave the system that is Nature?  Again, are we dillusional? The Earth, a system, is some 4 billion years old.  In comparison, we only live to some 80 or so years (if we're lucky).   In the awe of this fact alone I am filled with humility.

We have been bold.  That is for sure.  And we need to keep thinking big.  With big ideas like the "World of Chlorophyll" we are continuing in that tradition. 

Like leaves on a tree
"World of Chlorophyll" by IAMZ Design Studio

Videos by kdanman00 and msafieldtripfilms on Youtube
Images from Architizer

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